Panel: Mobile Data Management for Green Mobility

Panel chairs: Baihua Zheng  (Singapore Management University, Singapore) & Christophe Claramunt (Naval Academy Research Institute, France)


While many countries are developing appropriate actions towards a greener future and are moving towards adopting mobility activities, the real-time management and planning of transportation facilities and services still require the development of advanced mobile data management infrastructures. Indeed, novel green mobility solutions such as electric, hybrid, solar and hydrogen vehicles as well as public transportation resources are very likely to reduce the carbon footprint, but their successful implementation still requires appropriate mobile data management resources and application that will give a clear picture and demonstration of their effectiveness.

Amongst many issues still to address apart from social and economical ones, technological challenges are already in the front line. This panel aims to discuss the major challenges and open topics surrounding the technological and research challenges closely related to green mobility and with a specific focus on mobile data management issues such as but not limited to:

  • Development of smart mobility massive data management infrastructures
  • Open big data and services (traffic management, parking services, …) in support of green mobility (goods and people)
  • Current data management challenges and barriers in the development of green mobility at city, regional and global scales
  • Current breakthroughs in the development of real-time mobile data management infrastructures for green mobility
  • Transportation-demand applications, mobility on demand, share-services and autonomous vehicles, transportation of goods (logistics)
  • Real-time air quality vs. mobility in urban environments
  • Enabling ICT, AI and security solutions for green mobility (sensors, architectures)
  • Success stories as well as major failures in the development of green mobility

The panelists are expected to bring wealth of experience and vision from the academic, governmental and industrial sector to report on current successful experiences and answer a set of challenging questions that are currently open to public debate as well as the global benefits one can expect when developing green mobility and how mobile data infrastructures and services will help.